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Tulvasa Syrup

Tulvasa Syrup

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Introducing Tulvasa Cough Syrup – your trusted companion for combating cough and soothing throat irritation! Derived from the potent blend of Tulsi and Vasa herbs, Tulvasa is a natural remedy crafted to address dry, wet, and allergic coughs effectively. Formulated to relieve congestion and irritation in the throat, this syrup provides comprehensive relief. Say goodbye to cough discomfort with Tulvasa Cough Syrup – the herbal solution you can rely on.


Liquid Volume

100 Millilitres



Dosage for adults is 5-10 ml and for children is 2-5 ml, to be taken twice or thrice daily as prescribed by a physician.



This cough syrup acts as an expectorant, making coughs more liquid and effectively treating dry, wet, and allergic coughs. It also provides relief for congestion and irritation in the throat.


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